Goodbye To All That Knowledge

When long-term employees leave the business, they take much knowledge with them. Most businesses have their processes documented and filed away for use to safeguard this. That’s explicit knowledge. It’s the implicit knowledge that’s harder to record. Most knowledge managers focus on gathering explicit knowledge, but it’s the implicit knowledge they need to get hold … Read more

Something Happened to Business Writing.

There was a time when you’d sit in front of a blinking I-beam on a blank page thinking what to tell an audience: your pitch, your message, your ask, your offer, your content. Then along came AI and it was easy. Too easy. Anyone could produce reams of polished prose at the click of a … Read more

How Many Newsletters Have You Subscribed To?

For me, it looks like around 20-25. I subscribe to most using a Gmail account, away from my primary account, so I can cruise through in a single daily sitting. I open up the latest one, then hit the ‘older’ button to backtrack through them. They have some commonality, so there’s no need to read … Read more

😰 😰 Do You Get Nervous Speaking to An Audience? These Three Tips Worked for Me 😰 😰

It’s hard to keep a level of perspective when you’re stressed. Public Speaking is a stressful task for many people, and speaking to an audience feels stressful because the sense of perspective is lost. The event in front of you can look bigger and uglier than it is. Here are some ways to turn that … Read more

White Spaces Matter

Well-designed magazine layouts use white space to draw the eye to the main message. Great web pages do the same. Look at Google’s home page. Uncluttered, clean, and easily digestible. Plenty of white space. The same with well-crafted speeches. By creating pauses of silence, a speaker can draw the audience to focus on the critical … Read more