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🎙️ Crafting Stories

Not your typical storyteller, my journey into the world of impactful communication started in an unexpected place – a crusade in 1968, led by evangelist Leighton Ford. As a wide-eyed eleven-year-old in Perth, I witnessed the transformative power of words as thousands listened in silent agreement, moved by the magic of a compelling sermon.

That night, watching my mother surrender to the moment at the front of the stage, I realised the profound impact of storytelling, of presenting ideas that resonate and motivate. And so began my lifelong fascination with the art of sound communication.

From speaking competitions in my youth to navigating the corporate stages of Australia, I honed my skills as a linguist in remote Indigenous communities, where I learned to appreciate the power of language in its true pioneering form. Over two decades in the corporate sector provided larger stages and more spectacular conferences, each audience fueling my passion for the spoken word.

Dabbling in stand-up comedy in Melbourne was another venture into the realm of captivating audiences, proving that every stage, big or small, held its own unique rush.

Now, with over 40 years of experience, I’ve come full circle, crafting speeches, copy, and content for the very audiences I’ve had the privilege of engaging throughout my career. From the remote landscapes of Marble Bar to the corporate landscapes of mainstream Australia, I’ve immersed myself in the art of effective communication.

📜 How Can I Help?

If you’re seeking to tell the story of your business, or simply need a writing partner for any project, I’m here.

Send me a message, and let’s do it together.

I’m not just here to tell my tale; I’m eager to hear yours.

Malcom Brown 📬✨