Elite Public Speakers Practice and Practice, But They Do It in a Very Special Way

They practice with distractions. There have not been too many speeches I’ve given over the years where there has been dead silence and no interruptions from the audience. There has nearly always been a disruption or distraction of some sort: plates being dropped fire alarm going off late comers arriving technology breaking down an argument … Read more

25+ Tips to Help with Your Public Speaking,OR One that Will Definitely Work

You only need to do one thing to be a great Public Speaker. But here are 25 other things you could do if you prefer ……. Choose a topic you’re passionate about. Keep your presentation short and sweet. Make it interactive. Start strongly to grab your audience’s attention. Remember to breathe! End on a high … Read more

🎤 I’m No Expert Presenter 🎤

Just because I write about Public Speaking doesn’t make me an expert. In fact, I’m not a highly skilled public speaker myself. I’m not up there with the elite. I’m probably technically sound and can hold the attention of an audience for a while. I’ve won a few competitions, but I’m unlikely to consistently get … Read more

Is It Friyay Yet?

At the end of the week, it’s not unusual to be greeted with an email that we’ve made it to Friday (scathed or unscathed). There is a sense of relief or a subtext that things will be better tomorrow – Saturday – when we forget about work for at least a couple of days. Then … Read more

🎉 April Fools Day Has Been Cancelled 🎉

You don’t hear about office pranks much these days. There used to be a bit of fun having a clever office prank. What’s happened? Probably because the fun was one way and office pranks typically have a victim. (They’re described as hapless.) It’s a danger zone. The office prank can be the most harmless prank … Read more

What Did You Say?

Want to know my number one Team Leader issue?!? It’s something that I need to fix just about every week. It is …… How people speak to each other. Often, it’s just the tone. Sometimes it’s a harsh sentence, or it could be an unthinking accusation. It can be just the use of the wrong … Read more