Business Writing Partner

A Blue Collar Writer for White Collar Executives

Get it done with a professional writing partner

Lead the conversation in your industry

  • Manifestos
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Tender Responses
  • Training Materials
  • Speeches, Presentations, Proposals
  • Reports, Case Studies, White Papers

Educators and Experts

Create useful tips, how-to guides, or industry insights that add value to your customer base and position your organisation as a credible provider.

Thought Leaders

Establish your credentials as a thought leader. Share your innovative thinking with a quality presentation.

B2B Professionals and Brands

Improve communication within the organisation by creating clear, concise, and well-structured written content. This may involve drafting emails, memos, and other internal communications to convey information effectively.


What Is A Writing Collaborator?

A Writing Partner provides content and writing expertise.

They contribute expertise to structure the product and present ideas in a clear, engaging style.

They do a lot of the heavy lifting and will generally first work on a draft to discuss with the customer. That’s when the collaboration starts

Customer Engagement

Your Writing Partner provides a personalised way to ensure your message is on point.

Whatever your writing project the importance of a personal connection between us is the key.

YOUR writing partner

Why Choose Me?

Metronomic Consistency

Always on task and on schedule. I understand the importance of reliability – you won’t mind me keeping you accountable as well.

Depth of Knowledge

I’m a passionate researcher and a corporate veteran that delves deep into topics that matter, unearthing value and knowledge that enhance your projects.

Wide-Ranging Expertise

If your industry relates to B2B relationships, education, professional services or indigenous affairs, your project needs are covered.

Team Work

Need to bring some teams together to get a job done?

That’s fine.

I understand the importance of including all parties that have a contribution to the project.

creating together

How We Work Together

Step 1

Meet and greet to work out the scope of the project.

Quote provided. Commence work

Step 2

Research the topic and confirm the project steps. These steps will include a schedule of check ins to ensure the project output is as expected.

I normally set up a chat group to allow for communication on the fly.

Step 3

The final output is agreed on. Step 3 is a non-step because the high level of collaboration that has occurred to this point means all parties are familiar with the final output

I’ll Get Your Words in Order

The key to a successful collaborative writing project is to be courageous in feedback and consistent in communication.

Do You Have a Writing Project in Mind?