Learning Experience Designer

I am an experienced creator of learning resources for a variety of audiences. My teaching, leadership and strong presentation skills have all combined to produce effective materials that are used to make an impact and leave an impression.

Whether it is an online learning module, packs of student-centred worksheets, a manual for your team, workshop facilitation, content for your social network, a speech for your next event or anything where information needs to be shared, I can do. Anywhere when an educational experience needs to be designed, I can do.

Curriculum writer, linguist, educationalist, speechwriter, speaker, workbook creator, moderator, facilitator, coordinator, arranger, let’s do it, traditionalist, student, tutor, assistant, supporter, pillar, comforter, defender, mainstay, subscriber, booster, connected, resourcer, learner, …. I work as all of these.

I have industry experience in education, retail, publishing, technology, corporate, B2B, and academia.

Creator of Learning Resources for all Audiences

Job Aids

Skilled in designing learning support material for schools, workplaces and business. Projects include online lessons, checklists, walkthroughs, one-pagers, instructionals, workbooks…

Course Writing

High-interest engaging educational content for all settings, all age groups, all subjects, any interest, any topic, any format ...... 30…


Speech Writing Service delivering impactful speeches that resonate with any audience, on any topic.             …

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