Can Web 3.0 Help Me Learn, Speak and Play?

I’m determined to wrestle the concept of Web 3.0 to the ground over the next few weeks. If only to see if it can apply to public speaking and presenting.

My understanding of Web 3.0 is that it is a person to person connection that allows both parties to avoid the middle owner and to create a connection directly between the source and the resourced. The roles of source and resource can swap.

How’s that for an amateur attempt? We’ll see if the definition changes in a few weeks once I’ve dug deeper.

For now, if that’s the definition, then on the topic of Public Speaking, Web 3.0 connects the speaker and the audience member directly, and this connection is two way. The purpose of a speaker is to inform, entertain or persuade.

In Web 3.0-speak the audience member can determine their level of engagement. Even to the point where the audience member or the speaker can receive payment for their efforts. Crazy as it is, this is what’s happening with Web 3.0 ‘pay to learn’ scenarios. Payment is in the form of tokens – tokenising to incent behaviours is what cryptocurrency is about.

I’m going down rabbit holes such as Kernel, Coinbase Earn, and, yes, something appropriately named Rabbit Hole.

It’s a scary world out there, but I’m up for whatever presents.