Is It Friyay Yet?

At the end of the week, it’s not unusual to be greeted with an email that we’ve made it to Friday (scathed or unscathed).

There is a sense of relief or a subtext that things will be better tomorrow – Saturday – when we forget about work for at least a couple of days.

Then back to the grind.

This weeklong pining for the end of the week to come as soon as possible is such a bore. Sure, weekends should be fun – relaxing, different, enjoyable, connecting – but so should the workweek.

There might be never-ending to-do lists and challenging situations, and contrary people to deal with at work. There might be unrealistic deadlines to meet that get the adrenaline pumping. But if all these things create angst and all you can think of is how many days before this stops, then it’s probably time to either:

  1. Adopt a new attitude, OR
  2. Find some other work.

Dragging our sorry selves to the final day of the week can be dispiriting and a downer for others who experience the joy of work.

Yes, the joy of work, there is such a thing. We often only realise the joy in work when it’s turned completely off. That time will come sooner than our limited weeklong horizon allows us to see.

I’m determined to make everything I do beneficial for me and service to others. That’s where I find joy in the workday, no matter what day of the week it is.