25+ Tips to Help with Your Public Speaking,OR One that Will Definitely Work

You only need to do one thing to be a great Public Speaker.

But here are 25 other things you could do if you prefer …….

  1. Choose a topic you’re passionate about.
  2. Keep your presentation short and sweet.
  3. Make it interactive.
  4. Start strongly to grab your audience’s attention.
  5. Remember to breathe!
  6. End on a high note – leave the audience with an image in their minds.
  7. Collect feedback at the end of the presentation.
  8. Remember to smile!
  9. Stand with a good posture.
  10. Use hand gestures if it helps you explain points easily.
  11. Move around the stage.
  12. Be as open as possible. Don’t fold your arms or hunch over.
  13. Make eye contact as you speak.
  14. Try not to talk too fast.
  15. Be prepared for the worst.
  16. Have everything on-hand before the presentation.
  17. Before you begin presenting, take a few minutes to yourself.
  18. Time yourself each time you practice.
  19. Remember to leave some time at the end for questions.
  20. Use props.
  21. Use rhetorical devices.
  22. If you are using a presentation, no more than ten slides.
  23. Write the speech in short sentences.
  24. Thank the host and the venue and whoever else.
  25. Make a reference to a local feature.
  26. Speak naturally.


  1. Build up your flying time*
    (*the amount of time practising public speaking)