Typography 01 by Chris Do

I’ve been doing Chris Do’s Typography 01 Course over the last few days. It’s been great. I paid a three figure sum (you can see the price on the link) to get some information about something that I really enjoy. And from someone that has a bit of kudos in the world of design. According to others.

The course isn’t tightly edited, super-slick or chock full of tightly packed content. In fact some parts of it are quite amateurish. Chis has a small live audience following him as he presents. They ask questions (some REALLY basic questions). Sometimes they get in the way of the flow of the presentation.

But I’m getting an authentic insight in to the mind of a person that works in a field that I’m interested in. And so I overlook these shortcomings. The content is still new. The resource recommendations always help filter through what is available. The topics stimulate more interest and prompt more investigation by the learner(me!).

I’m feeling satisfied. I know I’m justifying the expense in my own mind, which is important. That means that I’m proving its value to myself. Which is a type of motivation.

The biggest motivation however is that here is a person who has some knowledge and some interest in a topic and he has simply put up what he knows. And others are investing in it.

Speed Over Elegance

Our team at work had to change their work tasks because of the change in environment. So they were redeployed to another temporary role. There was still a need for their original workflow to be actioned, so they in turn were backfilled by another less knowledgable team that had capacity. What then needed to happen … Read more