The Generic Email Signature

I received an email the other day from a team that had rolled out a new initiative for our customers.

Unfortunately, the initiative had caused a bit of grief because some of the protocols had not been observed. No matter – that’s what happens with innovation.

Something to do with risk and reward.

The email was about how to mitigate the negative impact that the initiative had caused for some customers. It outlined the apology, the action taken, and the promise that all will be good from now on.


The email was signed with some generic email signature.

Nothing highlights ducking for cover more than a generic email signature. I want to see a name. I like to see who is taking responsibility for the error. Hiding behind anonymity is not a good look.

I’m not wanting to pay out on the owner.

In fact, the author of the email probably wasn’t responsible.

To me, to use a generic email signature implies a lack of accountability.