The Ikea Effect

We interviewed a new team member the other day.

My favourite interview question is:

“Do you prefer to buy furniture from Ikea or Harvey Norman?

If they prefer Ikea, then they are likely to get the job.

Not because I don’t like Harvey Norman.

It’s because people who shop at Ikea are prepared to put some effort into their work. They are prepared to go through pain to create something. After the effort, they feel even prouder about their creation.

Those who enjoy doing the hard work to get a result feel good about the outcome. They’re the sort of people that we want in our team.

It is called the Ikea Effect.

People who voluntarily undergo a great deal of pain, discomfort, or effort to get something will be happier than if it came to them easily.

The Ikea effect is simple: when you work for something, you fall in love with it.