My Crazy Creative Curated Christmas Gift Suggestions


Joseph Heller’s masterpiece of anti-war satire is given a fittingly glorious home in this Folio edition introduced by celebrated writer and critic Malcolm Bradbury.

Hand-bound by the Folio Society

Date Stamp

I love date stamps – so handy and so analogue. Turning over to the new date each morning formally starts the day.

Speedball Block Printing Kit

All you need to start off with some creative block printing. I always do something completely different and creative each Christmas break and this will be my 2021 project. (Last year it was a BookNook from Etsy).

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book

Using simple shapes, Ed Emberley shows would-be artists how to draw over 400 things, such as an aeroplane, anteater, submarine, train, kangaroo, gondola, and much much more! This classic book is packed with cool things that kids-and not a few adults-really want to draw. Easy and fun, the book provides hours of art-full entertainment. Great for all ages. I can’t draw for nuts, but now I can.

What It Is

Great book about the craft of reading and writing.

A Kindle

Great for reading non-fiction books as there are a few apps(eg Instapaper) that integrate with a Kindle that allows the user to take notes and consolidate them for later reference.


The common everyday Frisbee has changed its shape since I threw my first, but the same wide-open fun is still there.

Join A Book Club Like Literati

Creative geniuses curate a range of books to share through their dedicated Book Club. Political leaders, comics, artists, sportspeople have all been signed up to create their own list of books to read each month. The selected book is delivered to your doorstep and you share in the learning and understanding of your selected genius.