Tell Me Something I Didn’t Know

Boy, we have a lot of weekly catch-ups, updates, huddles, check-ins, and stand-ups.

It’s essential to set the mood and the right tone at the beginning of the meeting.

So, I start each of the meetings that I organise with a personal story. In particular, I like each participant to share something that was new to their lives over the last week. I’m not fussed if it’s a film, a book, an app, an insight – just something that supports our intent to have a Growth Mindset.

I’ve shared with my team about the BBQ I made on the weekend, the new app I’ve installed to become my ‘Second Brain‘, the book I’ve just finished (and how close it was to my own experience), and something I’ve bought for my family Kris Kringle.

Each team member now knows that we start our weekly team meetings with a contribution from them that will add to my life – anything.

They always have something.

I love my job.