What Was I Thinking?

I’m not sure what got into my head back in High School, but I decided to do a prank at school for some reason. A bomb hoax seemed a good idea.

My telephone announcement to the South Perth police went something like this:

“There’s a bomb at Wesley College, and if you want to know where it is, leave $10,000 underneath the plaque outside the Perth Town Hall.”

Simple as that – no deadline, no accurate indication of what plaque we’re talking about, no exact details at all.

I didn’t think anyone would take me seriously.

There were plenty of boys crowding around me as I did it, and I was sure their suppressed laughter over the phone line would have diminished the seriousness of my message.

Later in class, during a Chemistry test, a senior student came to the classroom, whispered something to the teacher, who then announced we all had to evacuate to the quadrangle because:

“Some idiot has threatened the school with a bomb.”

The entire class turned to look at me. The game was up.

I confessed and was taken to the Police Station for a telling off and then home for another telling off.

Motivation? It all seemed to be about notoriety. It all seemed to be to make a name for myself. Seeking to prove my dubious worth to others.

I wouldn’t have done it if no one knew about it.