What to Write

Anger generates writing. Disgust, get-it-off-your chest writing, complaints, dismay, disappointment all generate writing. 😠 😠 George Bernard Shaw wrote plays because the state of English theatre disappointed him; Aldous Huxley wrote satirically from his upper-crust disdainful view of others; Jean Shepherd had a similar acerbic but humorous view of others; and these were just the authors born on July 27th. Letters to the editor are always fun and usually prompted out of the need to express anger or disappointment. Gee, they make good reading. ✍️ ✍️ Essays, columns, editorials, thought articles emerge from a demonic base and need to get out and

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Rabbit Holes

Speech writing requests come to me from different directions and so the task is very much to pull together the threads of what the client is wanting to say and interspersing it with observations and experiences from my life. These experiences give me the words to weave through any speech. The key thing for me is to record the rabbit hole entrances in a journal or notebook. That’s when it gets embedded in my mind. I particularly enjoy finding people of interest each week – people who produce a range of output. Usually, they are creatives. This week’s POI were

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Gembook #4

This week’s Gembook from my travels around the universe. Overfull of books I want to read, but also:– the date stamp, best purchase all year!– we are generation NFT– 6 Sigma was a fad– my new comedic style: faux exasperation– set up ‘help’ meetings: “How can I help?” – from Alan Weiss– and other randoms. I wonder how I index all of these so that I can retrieve them when I need them?

GemBook #3

This Week’s GemBook.Notes from my travels through the universe.Tried some #blackoutpoetryLearnt about #spiritphotographyRecommenced doing some #marginalia (not done this since Uni days)Must go to a #candlelightconcertListened to music from #tenetAmazed at who has been appropriating other cultures.Practiced the importance of outputting before inputting.….. and much more

GemBook #2

Explore the world of Labyrinths – very calming and cleansing Why is there no ‘Old Adult’ litereature? When there is ‘Young Adult’ literature. Check out SSRN for research trends and interests NowCasting v ForeCasting – eg earthquakes can’t be predicted, by can be diagnosed as imminent with warning signals. “I’m so far in it would take as much time to turn back.” – Morgan Check out Bookplates. One-off creators (Picasso, Dylan) v Iterative artists (Cezanne, Cohen) Live adventurously. Try micro-adventures. Walk the doorstep mile.

GemBook #1

A few gems from my week at end of April “Cherish, conserve, consider, create.” – Lou Harrison Some curious elders – Iggy Pop, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones “The older I get,The less I feelThe needTo be includedUnderstoodOr accepted.” “Introverts are capable of acting like extroverts for the sake of work they consider important, people they love, or anything they value highly.” In learning, look at tasks, not topics. “If I’d asked the people what they wanted I would have built a faster horse.” – Henry Ford Dress better than the audience. “I think communication is so firsbern.” – Steve Martin

Fly the Feedback Flag

Would you take feedback from someone you don’t respect? Probably not. Just like you wouldn’t take advice from anyone who doesn’t have the credibility to be respected. So those who provide a view about your performance, your actions, your intent, had better be well-regarded by me to take any notice. Otherwise it’s so hard to acknowledge your contribution. I don’t feel so blinded and lacking in self-awareness that I’ll still probably listen to the advice to see if it might apply – but generally you had better be qualified in what you advising. Otherwise, I couldn’t really be less interested

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It is often identified as a characteristic of personal success to have a set routine each day, or even for each week (Monday is washing day, Tuesday is cleaning day). This creates momentum and ensures good things happen. Workers, sportspeople, entrepreneurs, business people are all said to go through their routine and this contributes to their success in whatever arena they put themselves. The daily routine can however be stifling. A worker who goes through their morning, afternoon and evening routine is often set in their way and while this M.O will get the job done – efficiently – it

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Fridays are Planning Days

The To-Do list is my favourite way of ensuring momentum is maintained each day. Things occur to me during the day and overnight, in the shower, and they need to be jotted down. It’s amazing how this creates such energy during the day – being able to tick off jobs done; tasks completed. I even do it for weekends and days’ off. The next level is to plan a week in advance. And I normally do that on a Friday afternoon. It clears the mind for the weekend and gives me a flying start on Mondays. After all, Friday afternoons

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