After Hours Emails from the Boss

Our workplace recently implemented a new policy. No non-urgent emails after 6pm. Or on weekends.

This was prompted by the feedback that some employees were feeling overwhelmed and irritated by the constant noise from work, after hours. They felt obliged to consider and respond to the emails. Even though the message may not have been all that essential.

The emails may just have been FYI’s and ‘sharing’ type of emails. The sort we all do in order to keep the communication going. Otherwise we may forget. 🙁

I really enjoy my work and my working community. In fact, I don’t mind getting work emails after hours. Particularly if they are non-urgent!  It’s a community I belong to. The regular flow of connection is part of being in a community.

If anything, it’s a bit of a safety net. Particularly in this time of freefall.

The workplace has also put in place, a no ‘online meetings on Fridays’ policy.  Again because of the feedback. But again, for me, meetings are about engagement and sharing and communicating and supporting and validation of what we are doing.  Another day of a sprinkling of that sort of endorsement helps me.

I hope it helps others.