Keep Waving

With all these mask coverings, it’s time to start informally engaging with others in a different way.

We all have plenty of options.

No longer, the smile, the grin or the grimace. But what about our other limbs? The wave, the bow, the genuflect? Bit of an exaggeration?

Not really. The overt body language has often been used in Asian and some Middle East countries where the face is covered and the intent is not obvious from looks.

Hence the bow, or the nod.

In Australian Indigenous communities, the body language and sign language were even more important. Because of hunting. It was essential to keep as quiet as possible to stalk the prey. And so sign language became more important.

And with our faces no covered, the same is applying to our current way of interpersonal communication.

Westerners are often less confident in their body movements. But an exaggerated wave, can now be as welcoming as an open face of greeting.

Keep waving.