What to Write

Anger generates writing. Disgust, get-it-off-your chest writing, complaints, dismay, disappointment all generate writing. 😠 😠

George Bernard Shaw wrote plays because the state of English theatre disappointed him; Aldous Huxley wrote satirically from his upper-crust disdainful view of others; Jean Shepherd had a similar acerbic but humorous view of others; and these were just the authors born on July 27th.

Letters to the editor are always fun and usually prompted out of the need to express anger or disappointment. Gee, they make good reading. ✍️ ✍️

Essays, columns, editorials, thought articles emerge from a demonic base and need to get out and be written on paper. 👿 👿

Well ….. the ones worth reading are.

Letters of complaint and emails dashed off in anger, create a library worth reading. Negative feedback snippets from customers make fun reading – if they’re not your customers.

So it seems that’s the answer. What to write? What will sustain the writing? If you’d love to be a writer, think angry. Think irritation. Write.

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