Tech Tools Teachers Can’t Live Without

…. in this remote and virtual world

We asked a range of teachers “Which bit of software do you absolutely need to help you with remote teaching?”

They’re top ten plus one answers were:

  1. Zoom – for video/voice face to face group calls

2. Storyboard – create visual boards for telling a story

3. Edpuzzle – lesson creating based on videos

4. Peardeck – use to create interactive lessons

5. Jamboard – interactive whiteboard system

6. Kami – applies interactivity to a document

7. Google Classroom – file sharing app for assignment sharing

8. Quizizz – gamified quiz maker

9. Padlet – collaborative stool that accepts just about all file types to share and review

10. Nearpod – interactive lesson builder

11. Flipgrid – video discussion boards, each board having a particular discussion topic