Speak UP!

Great news! – I have completed my pack of worksheets about Speech Writing techniques for Middle School students, and uploaded it here.

The contents of the pack include:

– Analyzing Donald Trump’s acceptance speech
– Learning about Alliteration in speeches
– Practising the use of Tricolons
– Understanding the Power of Speech Metaphors
– Ways to use Repetition in Speeches
– Reviewing Inch by Inch, by Al Pacino
– Reviewing Queen Elizabeth I’s Speech to the Troops at Tilbury, 1588
– Discovering the power of The Gettysburg Address
– Counting the metaphors in the ‘I Have a Dream Speech’, by Martin Luther King

The pack also includes a bonus Rubric that can be used to analyze the effectiveness of any speech.

Learning how to write and deliver a speech is one of the important life skills that any student should master as it will provide them with confidence to speak in any settings and make them a real asset in the workforce.

If you teach in a Middle School class then this pack will be a great stimulus for getting your students to improve their public speaking. Learn from the best.