Productivity v Getting the Right Outcome

🧑‍💼 There is a risk in the Knowledge Worker’s operational world to over-focus on efficiency and productivity to get the job done.

🧑‍💼 Knowledge Workers are efficient, and they want the job resolved.

🧍 The skilled Knowledge Worker is hopefully not so ruthless in engaging with their customer to make operational efficiency their articulated intent; however, no doubt they action the process as expeditiously as possible. After all, that’s what they are employed to do, and that’s what the good ones do.

😊 The Team Leader needs to check that the customer receives the best outcome. The Team Leader may need to accept that working inefficiently to achieve the correct result is better than working efficiently to achieve the wrong result.

👌 The right outcome is what benefits the business and the customer.

✨ The Team Leader can tell when the Knowledge Worker is working to the right outcome by the feedback they get from the customer.

👌 In Sales Support, the customer is both the paying punter and the company’s Sales rep. Their view of the world is important, and if customers feel their needs are met, the outcome is correct.

📇 The Team Leader then needs to overlay the business model to ensure that everything is in line with the business offer.

If it’s not, then that’s another discussion.