Mind Your Own Business

I keep my Outlook diary open at all times. Does anyone else?

I’m a transparent leader. Team members wanting to know my whereabouts can easily find out, and it’s simpler than updating everyone about my day.

Sure, I keep a few appointments private, but I’m an open book in the main.

There are a few of my colleagues that over-interest themselves in my diary. That’s fine, and I have a chuckle when they regularly mention upcoming appointments of mine, even if they were personal ones.

But it became ‘a thing’ this week when a series of appointments involved most of the team, but not all. Some weren’t included, and there were reasons why they weren’t.

So those who over-interest themselves in my diary ran riot.

Scuttlebutt, wrong conclusions, misunderstandings – all ending up in grievances. This is what happens to stickybeaks.

If you over-interest yourself in other people’s activities, you will always find something to upset you.

I’m sure there is a Marcus Aurelius quote about this.

I couldn’t find one, so I’m going with a quote from Betty White:

“I don’t know how people get so anti-something. Mind your own business. Take care of your affairs. And don’t worry about other people so much.”

– Betty White