“Desire is a contract you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want”

Naval Ravikant

As a kid, I always wanted a toy ambulance. I pleaded with Father Christmas, I prayed to the birthday present Gods and I willed it to be until I finally got one.

It became a treasured possession …… for a few days. Then I wanted to find out what the inside looked like and took it apart – never able to get it back together again. ☹️

Nowadays, I think I’ve learnt to remove the mood of desire from my view of the world. Not because I now have everything, but I can feel that it is an unhappiness contributor, and with not much gain once it’s fulfilled. The gradual increase of emotion to fever pitch declines at a greater rate once fulfilled.

We only seem to want things we don’t have. So why go through that pain?

Of course, that’s what consumerism is built on – building desire so that we just must have it.

To be able to turn that off is to master life.