I’m not sure that mnemonic is the right word, but I think it is if its definition includes ‘memorable phrases’. I’ve always liked sloganising a team mantra or guideline or MO.

We have one team who does a lot of manual support work for their customers, and it’s now widely accepted that their segment of our offer is what we call ‘Hi Touch’ (in comparison to what we are aiming for, which is ‘Lo Touch’, where the customer can primarily self-serve).

We have another team that captures their MO with the steps “Optimise! Automate! Delegate!” – it’s a team that implements improvements to the system and business workflow.

Another team is quite large and work together well. They need to. That team provides coverage for each other and power through the day like a well-oiled machine executing their tasks to the highest level. They have a ‘We Not Me’ mantra, reflecting how they work together.

None of these mnemonics is original, but they serve to distil the essence of what the team is about.

The mnemonics we use appear in all sorts of locations. In chats, in meetings, on T-shirts. They are concise and capture the core of an otherwise longer, less impactful explanation. They are a slogan that the team is proud to announce. They are not exhaustive. A team may have multiple mnemonics, which can emerge in different scenarios. But each one captures precisely the nature of what a team seeks to achieve.

Here are 25 more work slogans that people could use:

  1. Together we’re stronger.
  2. Family gets it done.
  3. Safety’s safe together.
  4. Dreams and teams work together.
  5. Unified we succeed.
  6. There’s a “U” in success.
  7. Together we define.
  8. Believe in the team.
  9. Teams build dreams.
  10. We can do this together.
  11. Work together, dream together.
  12. Together, we’re all experts.
  13. Our best is your best.
  14. The dream makes the difference.
  15. We’re united and strong.
  16. Build more together.
  17. Together we can go higher.
  18. We’re all better than one.
  19. Mountains move for a determined team.
  20. Let’s be great together.
  21. Teams make dreams and more.
  22. Don’t believe in just yourself, believe in your team.
  23. Unity is strength and more.
  24. Teams build what can weather storms.
  25. A good team is a greater action.

I prefer the shorter slogan(like these ones above), but better to avoid cliches(the ones above are largely cliches). Cliches are less impactful.

Over time, your original slogan becomes a cliche. Well done! It worked, and now it’s part of your legacy.

But, of course, the actions of the team need to match the import of the mnemonic. Nothing is more artificial than branding a team with a slogan that is not reflected in the actions of its members.

In that instance, they should be using a different slogan….. Acta non verba.