Be the Funstar at Work

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Everyone in your workplace has a different idea as to what fun means, and what it means to make work more fun. For some, making work more fun may mean removing bureaucratic procedures and paperwork, whereas others might view it as an opportunity to celebrate a theme day – wear a ‘Funny Hat Day’. 

Some people might think it’s fun to work on a challenging special assignment that stretches their skills, while others want to hold a kazoo parade. Some employees’ idea of fun is holding a barbecue, while others want to create a social event celebrating “Stupid Human Tricks.”  

As you pursue the goal of making your workplace a more fun, creative, humane place to be, keep in mind there truly are different strokes for different folks. So ask everyone on your team what it means to make the workplace more fun and their specific job more fun. It’s a question that should become part of every job interview, performance review and mentoring or coaching conversation.