We’ve All Made Mistakes at Some Stage

👋 👋 Often when a team member leaves the business to take up other opportunities, I must admit I can sometimes be a tiny bit relieved only because I’ve probably had some embarrassing engagement with them along the way. And their presence continued to haunt me.

👿 👿 Typically some error I made that I feel is cemented in their memory.

😇 😇 Them leaving means the coast is now clear for me.

😔 😔 When we’re learning the ropes in a new job, likely, a few toes are accidentally trodden on, or a decision made that was wrong and needed to be reversed. I would have been told it was wrong before deciding but blundered onwards. Sigh.

😂 😂 And now another one of these people from my gaffe-y fumbling ignorant newbie past are moving on, and I’m breathing a sigh of relief that our paths won’t be crossing again.

🤝🏿 🤝🏿 Those corridor chance meetings can get awkward, but not any more.

✨ ✨ But then I think I really should be acknowledging the errors of my ways and have more strength in my make-up to call out the poor judgements, decisions or misspoke comments. Why didn’t I? I was probably intent on establishing my credibility. And this is the thing. An organisation’s culture is often not the safest place to make mistakes and be your authentic self.

🎖️ 🎖️ Hollow words are delivered around individual courage, speaking up, accepting errors, being innovative and creative. Yet, the reality is that we are all wary of stuffing up. Now, I’ve found that it is incredibly liberating once you move past that.

✨ ✨ Being your authentic self at work without fear of loathing, hostility, or damaged credibility makes you such an effective team member.

👮 (Even if in a past life you were arrested for being authentic you, also carrying a packet of cigarettes which was how your disappointed mum found out you were a smoker) 👮