Want to Write a Keynote Speech? You Can Steal My Structure.

This is the keynote speech structure that works for me and my clients:

  1. Create a diagram that best illustrates the message. The typical diagram might be a derivative of a triangle, a Venn diagram, a flow chart, swim lanes, a quadrant, a bell curve, or some similarly familiar structural shape.
  2. Find a metaphorical story that illustrates the message. Bring the message to life with a mental image that the audience is familiar with.
  3. Talk about a real-life Case Study where the situation occurred and the solution was applied.
  4. Turn the topic into a quest. Make it a Hero’s Journey – success against all odds, a search for freedom, a refusal to be tempted ……
  5. Create a pithy statement that captures the heart of the message and is memorable to the audience. The statement is short, it usually has some alliteration and is not a cliche. It needs to be easily understandable, inspiring, pragmatic, but at the same time have some wisdom.

For me, the keynote speech is the ultimate in speechwriting.

Creating these elements is complex and intuitive. A great result comes from extended experience.

It is the most creative part of the speechwriting that I do – and I love it.