That’s Not Part of My Remit

There’s nothing more restricting to a worker’s career growth than restricting themselves to the literal interpretation of their job description.

“Sorry, that’s outside my scope.”

“It’s not within my remit.”

“Not in my Job Description.”

🚷 These reactions limit the growth of the worker, and they are also unhelpful for the other person who is probably asking for help.

🙅‍♂️ An entry-level knowledge worker will always remain an entry-level knowledge worker if they are reluctant to help out a colleague because the task is outside their job role. Or worse, if they are off-loading tasks, they are unsure how to act because the task is not part of their scope.

🙏 Many tasks are outside our scope (and ability and skillset).

💪 But when we are accountable for an area of the business, it’s up to us to master the tools and knowledge required to monitor that area.

✅ It’s the right thing to do.

🧰 If we need help to master the tools and knowledge required to manage our corner of the business, that’s understandable.

🧍🏻 Successful knowledge workers take charge of their accountability and make it part of their remit.