Spicing Up the Message

Spicy coffee with hot chili

Leaders are always looking at ways to get their message out there. Well, good leaders are.

Good leaders have a message, a motivating message.

But like a football coach, the message over time can lose its impact. It becomes repetitive.

We need to find different ways of pressing the message so that it is fresh and meaningful.

There is nothing more eye-rolling than a series of cliches from a leader trying to seek support for a change or generate motivation towards a target. The purpose is drowned in apathy and inattention.

So the leader needs a library of stories, an arsenal of quotes, and plenty of linked actions. The stories, quotes and actions need to be in sync with the key message. Plenty of slogans, testimonials and presentations. Nowadays, memes, posts and video clips also bolster the message.

It’s great to reinforce the message with variety. Repeating the message is just being lazy.