Ring a Different Person Each Day

I take it on myself to schedule contact with someone different each day. I don’t mean cold calling.

I ring someone in my outer circle of contacts once a day and make connections for a couple of minutes.

It’s on my To-Do list – as a priority.

I used to go on an exploration in the office when we were all in the office and seek to engage with at least one person outside my usual social circuit.

Working from home, even hybridly, has changed my MO somewhat. So I call them.

The initial reactions are always the same. Everyone, without variation, is first wary, then surprised, and when I explain that there is no purpose to my call, except to say ‘G’day’, the responses can differ from there. Some audibly relax and engage, others tense further and politely shorten the conversation, and some just won’t let me go. Some turn their camera on ……. after a few minutes.

Even those who keep the conversation curt and brief, I’ve heard later, appreciate the intent.

Another thing that happens with my phone call ambushes is that I always come away with something. It might be another task, but often it’s a film, or a book, or a cafe recommendation. It might be a suggested play area for the grandchildren, a great website, or even a lead for one of my side gigs.

There is always something.