Curriculum on Comedy

Analysis ParalysisHow much fun would a comedy curriculum be!

The funny teacher from your childhood probably didn’t exist, but the teacher who taught you how to master comedy certainly didn’t exist. I dream of a curriculum on comedy. Where students analyze the great comics, review their style, learn their ways, and then hone their own skills to be an entertaining presenter in all formats. Top comics bring an insight to life that others miss, the humorous person at a party is never without company.

The field is vast. The topic endless. The joy of being amused and alert tickles the interest in everything you do.

Comedy stuff includes sketches, comics, cartoons, funny signs, satirical news, improv exercises, stand up, You Tube laughs, pranks, caricatures, TV shows, comperes, jokes, riddles, funny quotes, T-shirt fun, black comedy, farce, slapstick, surrealism, sarcasm, irony, satire, spoof, parody, wit, malapropism, funny films, clowns …. anything else?