Church Going

I’ve just finished Julia Baird’s book Phosphoresence. One of the few books that I will re-read very soon.

There are a few chapters in the book about her faith and the evolutions she has gone through with Christianity. Haven’t we all? Usually through one door, stay for a while and then out the exit never to revisit.

But Julia finds more.

She retells a story where she invited Helen Garner to come along to a service while they were both attending a Writer’s Festival. Julia had previously seen Helen at another series of Church services in Sydney.

Helen was excited to accept. “It’s like going to a cocktail party.” The stimulating convos, the different world views, the community engagement.

Church is such a learning environment. It’s been sullied recently by skewed views of the world and so many immoral actions.

But there are many churches that just focus on faith and grace. Stories are told, arugments put forward, atmospheres created. Behaviours are challenged.

These are all the same criteria we use to create a learning environment.

The criteria stimulate learning ….. and sharing.