An Hour of Reconfiguration

I had a pleasant surprise the other day when my 12-month subscription for Headspace fell due.

A bit of NY resolution back in the beginning of 2021, but it has been one that I’ve included in my daily system.

So it was good news to know that I had been doing some of the Headspace meditative thought practices for 12 months now. The app tells me that I have been doing it for 2789 minutes in total. At 15 minute sessions, that means around 190 days – about every second day. That sounds right.

I can’t tell whether there’s been a change or whether it’s been good. What am I supposed to feel? What are the benefits meant to be?

My mind wanders off in all directions, and while I’m getting better at catching myself being distracted, I still get distracted. Maybe for shorter lengths of time.

Naval Ravikant’s Alamanack, which I’m reading now, tells me we should stop still and think of nothing for an hour each day. I’ll be trying that now. I know it will be a challenge, and an hour is a long time. I need to reconfigure my brain away from the haphazard conditioning performed by society over the last 65 years and bring it back to base.

Let’s see if I can rewrite the programme that I want.