🎨 I Haven’t Got a Creative Bone in My Body 🎨

I’m a particularly uncreative type of person. Just ask my parents and my teachers – for years they kept telling me that.

So I need to rely on all sorts of resources to give me ideas (and answers).

Speechwriting is a combination of:

  • technical skill, and
  • creative flair.

I’ve learnt the first 👏 👏 👏, but need help with the second 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻.

When I’ve been asked to write a speech, to add a bit of creative flair, I start with a simple strategy.

I type the speech topic + the word ‘quote’ into Google Images, then review the results.

There are always quotes and ideas and rabbit holes to chase down a topic. Nothing like a great quote to capture the essence or even the humour of what the speaker is seeking to say.

These quotes give me a twist on the topic or a view of the world that I probably hadn’t originally considered.

Even if I don’t use the quote word for word, there’s normally an opportunity to use some of the phrasing in the speech.

I can always repurpose the prompts that come my way.

And that’s how I do it. Was it Austin Kleon that said ‘Steal Like An Artist?’

Well, that’s creative me. No shame at all.

As some great man said,

‘Don’t be afraid to steal, just steal the right stuff.’ – Mike Monteiro