Step Forward the Comic

😂 I find great humour in so many things and that’s healthy.

🤣 Comics bring joy. They also bring perspective. They apply a different lens to many things.

🧬 The essence of humour is the ability to combine two unrelated aspects.

💡 Enlightenment occurs when contrasts occur.

💭 So it’s not surprising that many comics are thought leaders. Comics are making statements in their stand up sets – Hannah Gadsby, Ricky Gervais, Bo Burnham.

🚥 When a comic looks at a topic they frame things differently. They have a different point of view, they see things that others don’t, they sense the corners, the edges, the roundabouts of issues and topics that others miss.

🛎️ Sometimes it can be trivial, other times it is on point.

⁉️ Problem-solving is helped when humour is in the room.

👉🏻 The comic in the room can be trivialised as distracting and disruptive. I’ve received that advice myself.

👆🏻 But when the time arises, the comic in the room can show the way.

🧍Former physical comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy is leading Ukraine through its challenges. Satirist Jon Stewart is challenging the poor treatment of essential service workers in the States.

😑 It’s unlikely they are applying humour to their current challenges, but they are bringing a different perspective.

💬 And it’s a perspective that provides clarity of message, and courage of conviction.

🙇‍♀️ Their constituents are thankful for that. 🙇‍♀️