Do Something Completely Different

The best part of my work-from-home morning routine is to read some quality fiction. It’s like a whoosh of fresh air to start the day with a chapter from a Booker Prize-winning novel and immerse myself in something 100% unrelated to my day job.

The same with podcasts. Now and again, I load up on professional podcasts, so I have something to distract me while I’m at the gym or on a walk, and I suppose if I were honest, I do now and again get gems of inspiration from these podcasts, but they are rare gems.

Eventually, I revert to a podcast with a creative story or an interview of some entertainer, and the stimulation that I experience after in-depth visits to other worlds is more remarkable than the infrequent relevance I may pick up from a business podcast.

And that’s the thing.

The more we venture outside of our swim lane, the more interesting we become, the greater the perspective we achieve.

I often find some parallel in this other universe with the one I work in during the day, so it’s never totally irrelevant.

That’s why contrasting hobbies are great. Scuba diving, playing golf and building a chook shed would all draw me into entirely different worlds.

So these Christmas Holidays, I will do something completely different with my time off.

PokemonGo, here I come.