Curating Information

I’ve often struggled with seeking to curate the information flow that catches my attention. Doomscrolling through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook has really wasted my time – just to find a few Gems that may interest me. The solution has been to subscribe to a few newsletters that I know have content that matches my interests. And if they don’t, then it’s a simple thing to unsubscribe (my most favourite button of all time).

The newsletters that make a weekly difference to me are:

Austin Kleon’s Newsletter

Tim Ferris’s Newsletter (I go through phases with this one – subscribe/unsubscribe – at times a bit too much focus on the topics of psychedelics for my liking)

The Writer’s Almanac

The Whippet

The Art of Noticing

The Honest Broker

I’m not recommending these. I’m just saying they interest me. I always find something in there that gets my attention and adds to my life. In each of these, their content is around 80% relatable to me. That’s my yardstick. A better hit rate than most social media.

They turn up ad hoc, normally weekly, they’re easily retrievable, easily unsubscribable and always send me down rabbit holes that add to my knowledge.