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Wizard of Belgrave

Baba Desi and his apprentice wizard striding through Belgrave


You can thrive in the direst place Push through against the tightest obstruct No sun, no sustenance, no space. Create even in the greatest destruct. * In the dark, there is moonlight In sleep there are dreams In a hard place, there are cracks In…

White Feather

Innocent as a white feather With a guileless gaze across the room He stared softly ….. not further, The truth was spelling a definite doom. * Actions from years ago Felt unrelated to the very now And as it unravels oh so slow We show support –…

Message in a Bottle

The message in the bottle Said please help me, I’m stranded, Please find me, I don’t like the life I’ve been handed. * The view on this island is too grim I can’t see how to get off I can’t see how to disappear…

It’s Hard

It’s hard to look sexy if you can’t get out of your car. It’s hard to feel cool if your back is a memoir. It’s hard to impress if your gait is bumbled. It’s hard to star if your brain is crumbled. * It’s harder…

Being Kind

Be kinder than necessary Was the sign in the hospital Be fairer to each other Be gentle, not too little. No need to win a point With bludgeon or truncheon. Find goodwill in all that is said Then your kingdom will come.