Your Growth Mindset

Although this book hasn’t had 100% great reviews from the pundits, I must say that I enjoyed the sentiments that it focuses on. Since reading the material about how important it is to focus on avoiding a fixed mindset, I’ve noticed that there are plenty of examples around that could do well to change their approach.
For example, I am involved in a club that has diminishing numbers. The default mindset is that we keep doing the same thing, that we appeal to ex-members as we are about to fall over and so we need some help, and that we plea for help wherever it can be sought. A growth mindset would be to review what has worked and what needs improvement, evaluate the value of the club to see if it has more to share, and seek opportunities to speak to different audiences about what we have on offer.
The book I read made the options very real, in my mind.
I have used the same principles in my work, where everywhere there is advantage and everywhere there is opportunity to learn and progress. I may have views or attitudes that are hard to change, but now, I am seeking to challenge them and am finding ways to add to these views and attitudes.
‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’ has enabled that change in approach.