Updating the Locals

I went to a neighbourhood community group meeting last night where leaders from local groups were invited to attend and link up. It was great. There were a couple of guest speakers that referred to local plans, a forum and some action planning in to the future.

female-speaker-1024x683One of the guest speakers was the local High School acting Principal. She had her notes, presented well and impressed everyone with her professional approach and informative update.


The presentation told everyone about the great renovations and building improvements that were going on at the school – a school that most had some connection with. Their connection might have been as a student, as a volunteer, as a parent of a student, or just as a driver who gets impacted by the 40kph speed restriction every school morning and afternoon.


The acting Principal kept to type, not veering at all from her script, and made a truly fabulous impact on everyone in the group.

This PR effort – during the school holidays(no mention was made) – was so effective that I am sure the large institution on the hill had just further increased their credibility in the local community.

Prepared, presentable, matter-fact, not setting out to overly impress, just the facts ma’am – it was great.