Curriculum Vitae


Business Writing Service and Consultancy


✨ Level Up Your Speaking Skills ✨

  • Presentation preparation
  • Enhance your work brand
  • Practise mock job interviews
  • Seek to be heard, make an impact
  • Earn your worth, being up front, without fear

✨ Build Your Online Profile ✨

  • Get your ideas out there
  • 100% confidential service
  • Build a professional profile
  • Create a presence and a following
  • Regular posting in your tone, in your style

Speech Writing

We all have a story to tell. Let me convert your story to impactful moments.

Let’s hone your message to one that is heard. Make it compelling and clear with the right words delivered in the right way.


Business Writing

Business communication relies on clear communication.

But at the same time the message needs to be understood and absorbed.

Benefit from my long experience in both corporate and education industries.

Content Creation

Content creation is the quality volume game.

I’ve been posting almost every day for two years on LinkedIn, so I know what that means.

Let me capture your tone to do the same for you.

Profile Building

It’s amazing how many online places our profile is required.

A studio photo is a must, but so are the words around the photo.

Let me capture the essence of you with the right words.

I’m a Business Linguist

A Business Linguist is skilled crafting the right words for the right business audience.

That audience may be your team, your customers, your colleagues or a prospective employer.

A Business Linguist is expert in speechwriting, interview responses, presentation styles, and any form of business writing.

A Business Linguist is confident in working with people from all language backgrounds.