Poor Pollyannas

Gee, Pollyanna gets a bad rap.

What’s wrong with being a Pollyanna? A person with unfailing optimism. Someone who is always cheerful, and nothing gets them down.

The Pollyanna level of optimism is irresponsible, an illustration of naivety, they say.

Pollyannas disregard the facts and the reality, they also say.

But Pollyannas create momentum, good momentum. The static inertia of the negative, cynical, disillusioned isn’t healthy; it stagnates and atrophies the body, and the business.

Pollyannas push past this and seek a brighter world of rainbows and all things nice.

Pollyannas irritate the melancholies in the office. The melancholies don’t irritate the Pollyannas.

Pollyannas attract a crowd; the melancholies sit on their own. They live on their own.

The melancholy Cassandras don’t push a business to expand; the exuberant Pollyannas generate enthusiasm and drive bandwagons.

I’m on board.