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Happiness Used to be When the Sun Went Down

The laughter around the dusk campsite was carrying for miles. Good-natured fun, kids giggling, mothers only half-hearted with their berating. Sunset in this remote camp was the best part of the day. Everyone was relaxed and food was about to be shared. There was…

Depends on Your Perspective

My first linguist job was at Strelley Station during a Uni vacation when I spent three-plus months living in a remote community learning the indigenous language. It was a hot summer in the outback – no air conditioning, rudimentary shelter and water had to…

Indigenous Hand Signs

How to ask a question – any question. Here

How to Speak an Australian Indigenous Language

Ever thought about learning an indigenous language? If so, the measured and comprehensive course of simple visual lessons will walk you through the important aspects of a typical indigenous language. The case study is a language I learning during my time as a linguist…

Indigenous Language Map

For an overview of Indigenous Languages spoken in Australia at around the time the first non-indigenous visitors starting arriving, view this video:

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