Curriculum Vitae



I’m sure you’ve seen my daily posts on LinkedIn.

I’ve been writing every day these last two years, posting on LinkedIn almost every one of those days.
The results have been remarkable.
  • People now know me.

  • People engage with me about all sorts of topics.

  • I’ve been getting jobs that you would never have thought existed.

  • DM’s have increased dramatically with people wanting to engage.

  • People ask me for my opinion!

I’ve also realised that the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and ‘views’ of my posts is nowhere near the actual engagement level. Real engagement is far higher than the stats show.
One thing you probably don’t know about my work……….
I do the same for others. I write every week for other people.
Generally, they don’t have the time or focus to devote their thinking time to this type of task.

So they ask a Premium Ghostwriter to do it for them.

(They’ve already tried AI, but the results have been average. The output is faster, but it’s just more versions of average.)
So, they ask me to ghostwrite.
We talk, I write; they approve, I post.
They win and experience what I also experience with my own posts.
If you think I could help you or your company promote your presence on LinkedIn, become the thought leader in your industry, or create a long form campaign of posting and promoting …….

Then please get in touch.