Intrinsic awards can work better than extrinsic awards, so to apply an overlay of gamification to your team as an incentive can prove to be very effective.


LEVEL Description Features


To achieve DTM status the Team Member needs to consistently display team leadership skills, normally in the area of process or system improvement.

The DTM also displays change management skills through a series of actions that have a permanent change in team culture.

The DTM also displays a high level of communication with both internal and external stakeholders.

·         Identifies a substantial improvement opportunity and implements a new initiative to the team to capitalise on the opportunity

·         Acts as a cultural leader and representative to the wider business, eg regularly delivers the morning ‘Huddle’, comperes social events, comperes whole team meeting.

·         Develops a communication piece to share an initiative with stakeholders

Master Progression past the expert level requires the team member to consistently act as a facilitator of meetings or training sessions.

The Master level also expects the TM to display formal cross-department involvement.

·         Chairs at least 5 team meetings.

·         Leads at least 5 training sessions.

·         Received at least 5 ‘You Pinned It’ compliments from either internal and external sources

·         Participates in non-core activities, such as involvement in social committee, safety committee or some other initiative across the business.

Expert At the operator level the Team Member continues to display mastery for all transactions.

The TM also accepts responsibility for other areas of the team and becomes the key person for this other area.

The TM also complies to all work conditions and expectations

·         Acts as Buddy to at least two new team members during their induction process.

·         Displays 100% accuracy in all transactions.

·         Accepts responsibility for areas other than their core activity, eg supports a business during their warranty period, learns about another dept in order to assist

·         Attendance is consistent

·         Adherence to roster is consistent

Operator It is inevitable that all Team Members need to start their journey at the most basic level of the position. To progress from beyond Operator level the Team Member needs to display mastery in all basic transactions of the job and at a consistent level. ·         Completes 50 sales transactions.

·         Completes 25 return transactions.

·         Completes 100 cases

Newbie This is the induction and orientation stage. ·         All induction activities are successfully completed