Free Printable Lesson Starter Topic: GRAFFITI

Some great investigative worksheets on the cross-curriculum topic of Graffiti. Here I have used student interest in the topic to explore various cross-curriculum areas such as math, social science, debate, visual arts, and history.

I find the cross curriculum nature of these units provide so many learning opportunities.

The packs covers the following topics:

– Street Artists such as Banksy
– School policy on dealing with graffiti
– Investigation on graffiti removal products – reading a chart
– Experimenting in Street Art
– Art v Vandalism arguments
– Creating a Tag
– History of Graffiti
– Graffiti Poetry Response

This is NOT a course in Graffiti, but rather a stimulus pack of activities that uses various skills to investigate the topic of Graffiti. Suitable to Middle Schools Students in both interest and ability level.

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