Famous Comedy Fun Pack

Thought of Teaching Funny Ha-Ha Tricks and Tips?

It is so much fun and super-engaging for every student.



With this pack of worksheets and you can teach your students about different types of funny-ness.

  • 70 pages of easy-to-follow worksheets requiring minimum direction
  • the topic is so much fun, students ask for more and more
  • each page is professionally created in InDesign, providing a quality product
  • original content that will engage every student in the class
  • your class will be the talk of the staff room

Start with Slapstick, then Sarcasm, move on to Satire, and finish with Puns. You won’t be able to stop your kids. But who cares when everyone is enjoying the work?

The bundle of humor activities will create hours of relevant learning.

It is suitable for any time of the year, for any part of the curriculum.

The activities are fun and relevant. They cross a range of disciplines. This bundle is a combination of four packs that can be bought separately. But with this fun bundle you get four packs for the price of three.

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