Malcom Brown – Your Facilitator

Malcom Brown presenting

Malcom Brown(Dip Ed-Second; M.Ed) has been a teacher, a corporate manager, and a writer.

Malcom’s love of watching people speak to their audience has been with him ever since his parents took him to listen to an evangelical speaker. (Read more about that experience HERE)

A single speaker’s impact on such a large audience with simple words, word pictures, and stories, left an impression.

Malcom, in all his careers, has taken every opportunity to present to an audience. He comperes conferences and runs training workshops. But like many people who love talking to audiences, he is very much an introvert.

Malcom prefers to observe and learn. He has distilled the essence of what makes speeches great. He knows how to work the stage to deliver with impact.

If you want to improve your public speaking skills, Malcom can help.

Achieve your public speaking goal 100% guaranteed, or no charge.
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