Public Speaking for Kids Program

Fearless Public Speaking for Kids

The Power Up Public Speaking Program builds on your public speaking skills.

It gives you the confidence and know-how to speak to any audience, any time – and to make an impact.

Graduates of the Power Up Program go on to win speech competitions, greatly improve their grades and win that school prefect that they were pitching for.

Speaking confidently is a skill that is not always part of a school curriculum (unless you join the Debating Club), and yet it is just about the most important skill you need in life and work. That’s why this program has been developed.

Effective Public Speaking makes all the difference to your personal success.

The Power Up Public Speaking program will teach you the skills and the knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life. It will make a difference to your success in work and in life.

Each workshop consists of three parts – speaking activities, the techniques of writing a speech, and delivering a speech with impact.

Students who join this program are keen to improve their speaking skills. They are keen to work with someone who has made it their life passion to study the greatest speeches and speakers.

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The Curriculum

The program varies according to individual participant needs.

A great start for any Public Speaking program is the ‘Super Speaker’s Manual’. All course participants receive a free download.

Public Speaking Course for Kids
– The Program –
Session 11. Discussion/Activity
– Where did it all Start?
– Quotes About Public Speaking
2. Speechwriting
– The Opening
– The Structure
3. Delivering a speech
– Body language
Session 2 1. Discussion/Activity
– Tell a Joke
2. Speechwriting
– Rhetorical Devices (eg alliteration)
– Speech Analysis
3. Delivering a Speech
– Stagecraft
Session 3 1. Discussion/Activity
– Tell a Story with a Message
2. Speechwriting
– Storytelling
3. Delivering a speech
– Using Notes, Sheets, Palm Cards
– Typewritten, Spacing, Font size
Session 4 1. Discussion/Activity
– Critique a Speech
2. Speechwriting
– Humour in Speeches
3. Delivering a Speech
– Using Props & Physical Resources
Session 5 1. Discussion/Activity
– Present a Speech
2. Speechwriting
– Techniques to Improve
– The Finishing Touches
– Timing
3. Delivering a Speech
– Volume, Tenor and Pace
– Seeking Feedback

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