Frequently Asked Questions

B. May 3, 1956, Perth, Western Australia

Education: BA(Hons), Linguistics; Dip.Ed. Second Ed; M.Ed(Ed.Admin.)

Name: Malcom (yes, I know, the second ‘l’ is missing, darn parents) Brown (no ‘e’)

Where do you live now? Melbourne, Australia

Where have you lived? Strelley & Warralong Stations (near Port Hedland, WA); Ernabella (near Ayers Rock, NT); Mt Burr (near Mt Gambier, SA)

What sort of things do you enjoy doing? I ONLY do things I enjoy. Whenever I can help anyone with a speech, a presentation, a workbook, an info sheet, a program about any topic, I’ll be at the front of the line. Helping people learn is what I love.

I AM smiling!

If I’m not smiling it’s only because I’m thinking about your request.
I actually find a lot of things very funny indeed!