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Designing material for schools, workplaces, and businesses.

Digital lessons, blogs, case studies, explainers, checklists, walkthroughs, one-pagers, instructionals, workbooks, speeches.

Keynote Speech

It is important for a keynote speech to have unique lessons or takeaways for your audience. Nearly all of us have a story to tell – some challenge overcome, some quest we have been on, something to be grateful for – a story with surprise, a story that is personal.

We can turn your story in to a keynote that will entrance others with a combination of disbelief and awe.

This 6,000 word sample was billed at $1200(inc)

Celebration Speech

Successful business have every reason to celebrate their milestones, achievements and longevity. But it can be that writing a speech is not the business’ primary skill. I can help.

Here is a short speech I wrote for the found and current Director to deliver to his audience of employees and supporters at the occasion of their 25 Year Anniversary Celebration.

Customer billed $290(inc)


A sad as it is at times of death, it is also an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the past.

Writing a eulogy can be a challenge, but for a speechwriter it has a real level of interest as family members share memories – both gentle and jarring.

Here is a Eulogy recently written about a loved one just passed

Customer billed $135(inc)

Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets are one of the most effective forms of information sharing solutions for any learning. Well-designed brief and succinct tips, ideas and pointers support your learner right when they need support.

Customer Service

A sales support team needed their sales team to understand how we serve our customers. They wanted the sales team to understand that customer service doesn’t mean breaking the rules and going outside the company’s offer.

So a short promo video was created to start the discussion.

New7Wonders of the World

Created on Google Sites and now available on TeachersPayTeachers for all Middle School Teachers wanting to teach students about the topic using Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Street View. Go here to get your copy.

IT Enhancement

A company’s IT team wanted the wider audience to get an understanding of some of the updates they were incorporating in their webcommerce platform.

This short video introduced the topic.

The Jenga Agenda

Learning the System

New starters needed to understand a certain part of the system they were using. This instructional video shows new users an important aspect of the system.

Understanding a Process

New users needed to understand the fulfilment process, so a one-pager and an explainer were created.

Using the System

A micro-video that explains an aspect of the system that caused some confusion for some employees.

Lesson Writing

Developed a series of online lessons to show students interested in Australian Indigenous Languages – slideshow, screencaptures and voice overs.

Video Editing

An indigenous story reading video showing off the complexities of Australian indigenous languages.